Crab Shells

Crabs and lobsters ... they're not just for eating, anymore. Chitin, one of the main components of their exoskeletons, has recently found use in things such as self-healing car paint, biologically-compatible transistors, flu virus filters, and a possible replacement for plastic. Now, something else can be added to that list.

We are the trading company dealing specialized in Crab Shells. We mainly export Dried Three Spotted Crab Shells and Dried Mud Crab Shells. Our target market is China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan in the east and EU, America in the west.

Dried Crab Shell
We are in the position to supply dried crab shell, shrimp shell for organic fertilizer and producing chitin.
Red Crab Shell for extracting Chitin & Chitosan
Red Crab Shell is sterilized twice and dried; it is used to extract the Chitin or Chitosan for the raw material of medicine.
Dried Crab Shell Powder
We are also the suppliers of crab shell powder from India. Crab shell powder provides high calcium for animals and used in medicines.
Offshore Crab Shell For Industrial Chitosan
Industrial Chitosan uses offshore shrimp & cab shells as raw materials and can be widely used in chemical engineering, agriculture, paper-making, waste water treatment, etc.

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