Dried Sausage Casings

Collagen is a very common, naturally occurring long fibrous protein with remarkable properties. It has been used for many years as the primary raw material for various applications in addition to sausage casings. These include uses in the biomedical and cosmetic fields as well as various uses in the food industry. It is also the base material for the extensive Gelatine industry.

Pak Asia Enterprises & Marketing is one of Pakistan’s leading suppliers of collagen casings for food, used by customers in the production of a wide variety of sausages and other meat products. The manufacturers we represent have excellent industry proven products. We carry the finest selection of Natural and artificial casings, packaging films and seasonings. We work together with you and are dedicated, dependable and committed to serving our customers.

Our collagen sausage casings are available in clear, red and smoke colored varieties to cover the whole spectrum of manufacturing applications. Our collagen sausage casings have high clarity and sheen which is preferred by consumers in many fresh applications. Our collagen sausage casings are packed in a controlled atmosphere package and can be used straight from the pack.

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