Fresh Fruits

Pak Asia Enterprises & Marketing has been exporting fruits to our clients since many years from Pakistan. Customers can taste the quality of service and freshness of the fruits and vegetables in every order they receive. Our Specialties are Citrus Fruits & Mangoes.

Following are the main commercial varieties of CITRUS FRUITS:

 Sweet Mandarin Kinnow: Mausami, Red Blood,
Mandarins: Clementine (frooter) and Kinnow
Grape Fruit: Grape fruit
Lemon: Eureka, Lisbon Lemon and rough Lemon
Lime: Kaghzi Lime and Sweet Lime

We can supply you best quality of FRESH MANGOES from Punjab & Sindh in their freshest form. The Mango harvest season starts from May to September and the leading mango variety is “Sindhri & Chaunsa”.
This fine variety is produced in the Sindh Province. It is in large size, yellow in color, fibreless, and oval shaped stone in medium size. It is very sweet in taste and has a pleasant fragrance. This variety is available from the Month of 20th May to 20th July.
This variety is produced in the province of Punjab. It is extremely sweet in taste and very delicious. Fresh, firm and fiber less, it is available after 15th June to the end of August.

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