Hosiery describes garments worn directly on the feet and legs. The term is also used for all types of knitted fabric, and its thickness and weight is defined in terms of denier or opacity. Lower denier measurements of 5 to 15 describe a hose which may be sheer in appearance, whereas styles of 40 and above are dense, with little to no light able to come through on 100 denier items.

Types of Hosiery
• Bodystockings
• Compression stockings, aka support stockings
• Hold-ups , Stay-ups or Thigh-high stockings
• Knee highs
• Leggings
• Socks, tube socks, knee highs and over-the-knees
• Stockings, held by a suspender belt, also known as "sussies"
• Tights or Pantyhose
• Toe socks
• Legwarmers

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