Leather Goods

Pak Asia Enterprises & Marketing is based in the port city of Karachi. It is one of the esteemed suppliers of leather, leather garments and leather accessories from Pakistan.

Whether you need finished leather or leather merchandise to market under your brand, Pak Asia Enterprises & Marketing is your best source for quality finished leather, leather garments, handbags and accessories. Being a leading exporter of all kind of leather jackets, garments, handbags and accessories since over 07 years has given Pak Asia a cutting edge. We apply our knowledge to every item we supply to bring you the best quality product at the best value. We have contacts with most of the renowned manufacturers in Pakistan.

Leather goods are made using the finest sheep & goatskins, cow & buffalo hides in many different colors. Just inform us what you need and we will do anything to get you your desired product as nominal rates.

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