Rice is the most widely consumed staple food as compared to the other eatable commodities around the globe which is used by the largest proportion of world’s overall population. Major part of its production is used in the Asian Countries because its consumption rate is reported highest in Asia Continent. It is the second highest used maze crop in the world. It was introduced to the European countries by Western Asia. There are abundant varieties of rice with diverse qualities and popularity. Asia is considered the homeland for the maximum varieties of this staple food. It has more varieties than other cultivators around the globe. Basmati, Sticky and Jasmine are the most famous and most liked types of rice in the world.

Types of Specialty Rice are given below:
Types of Specialty Rice
Basmati Rice , Kalijira Rice, Para Rice, Rissotto, Lousiana Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice, Carolina Rice, Jasmine Rice, Arboria Rice, Della Rice, Texamati, Wehani
Rice Varieties
Brown Rice, White Rice, Short Grain Rice, Medium Grain Rice, Enriched Rice, Instant Rice, Converted Rice
Wild Rice (Actually a grain and not a rice)

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